After 40 years of performing and teaching, notably at the Maitrise de Radio France, the  University of Stellenbosch, the Royal Conservatory of Music in Mons, and from 1998 to 2008, the CNSM in Paris,
Gerda Hartman continues her teaching of singing today in a private studio, 1h20 min. from Paris.




Gerda Hartman  2014

"With time I grow ever more deeply appreciative of the values given to me by those who were my teachers and my role models. What interests me in my work with singers today is the transmission of these values, the challenge to re-invent them in modern terms accessible to young people, and to nourish the phenomenal technology at our disposal by the secret power of the past, of memory.


I would like my students to make their own choice among all these elements, but making one's own choice is not only a freedom, it is a responsibility.

The privilege of teaching on such a personal level as in singing, is that teacher and student can take this responsibility together.”

      Gerda Hartman

My priority ...